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We offer a complete portfolio of industry-leading search marketing solutions to choose from including:

Search Engine Optimization & Best Practices Integration

Element Media works in conjunction with some of the world’s leading search engine optimizers. We have successfully optimized and developed best practices for hundreds of online businesses, from the big boys all the way down to small one-man shops.

XML Trusted Feed

For marketers looking to drive relevant, monthly traffic at a fixed cost per click. XML Trusted Feeds are the best way to guarantee your pages are included and available to people searching leading search engines like Yahoo, AltaVista, FAST and more.

Website Architecture Analysis

Unless a web page is indexed, it cannot generate any traffic to the website from search engines.

If you could have more than one listing in the phone book for all of the products and services you offer, you would. Indexing is very similar. It’s the way that search engines include pages in their database and is the starting point for evaluating overall search marketing performance.

Pay-for-Placement (P4P)

P4P is the only way a marketer can guarantee a particular ranking for a particular keyword phrase in a search result. If you have to be #1 for your business, our media experts will develop a plan for Google AdWords, Overture Precision Match and other major online media networks designed to capture the most relevant traffic for you. We will work with you to develop strategic media plans that maximize your investment in online advertising.

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